Tool Shop / Prototyping

Since 1945 we operate our own tool shop. Tool making is essential in this respect. Our company started in this area and has continually expanded and refined its expertise.


When it comes to production, we use an unprecedented range of machinery. Very few companies have multiple fineblanking presses with a range from 3,200 kN to 10,000 kN.


In addition to our "speciality" fineblanking, we also have a comprehensive offering for the manufacture of parts on modern, conventional stamping presses.


As a company dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, our service stop with stamped and fineblanked parts. Instead, we aim to deliver direct fit products. That's why we complement our offering with a viarity of options for further processing.


With longtime, reliable partners, we realize down-stream processes such heat and surface treatment after fineblanking, stamping or deepdrawing. Plastic coating of parts is also possible.


We manufature with the highest level of precision an in compliance with a management system with ISO/TS 16949 certification.

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Precision blanks

with the advantage of a largely crack-free cutting face, thin walled sections and shaping, which do not require any machining

Finished drawn and stamped parts

from progressive dies

Clutch plates

with different surface qualities and frictional properties

Plastic extrution coated stamped parts

Plastic extrution coated stamped parts


We deliver a wide range of precision products ready for use

As a company dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, we aim to deliver direct fit products.

If necessary, we can also deliver fully assembled modules to our customers.

Wheather for the automobile or supplying industry, manufatures of household equipment, hight-tech systems or other customers.

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